So Much of Who We Are Is Where We Have Been(Canada Part II)

So Much Of Who We Are Is Where We have Been(Canada – Part 1)
December 9, 2017
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May 8, 2018

Sharing our detailed itinerary here & how Canada left us spell bound!


We started our trip in Toronto. The well connected financial capital on the east coast. Dominated with shiny high rises & sky scrapers. Yet, lots of green patches all over the city. However, the CN Tower is the major tourist attraction & it doesn’t disappoint.


The capital of Canada and an underrated tourist destination, might I add. But the green expanses of the city left us spell bound. The maple trees lined streets & the fall foliage in the city was breathtaking. The weather was crisp (10 Degree Celsius) but with warm, shining sun.

The downtown houses The Parliament, a grand Victorian building. The Byward Market is full of lively bars & restaurants. We drove around the city & discovered some beautiful Golf courses. The night life is vibrant & exciting. Infact, it was Shravan’s favorite city in the entire trip.

Best part? The humongous but delish breakfast we had at Cora. The eggs were well done, bacon was crisp, and fruits were sweet & the coffee strong!


I would think what the hype about Niagra is until I saw the early morning view of the falls from our hotel. Surreal & awe inspiring. You see endless water gushing down in a wide fall with a beautiful spray of water covering the falls like an angelic halo. It’s also this mist spray which is the most exciting part about going behind the falls. You are definitely bound to spot a lovely rainbow while on the boat. We did the walking tour along the falls, where the water gushes into a river.

Best part? The chopper ride over the falls. That’s when you see the magnitude of the water & the lush green surroundings, which make Niagara worth all the hype and more.


Calgary was our base to start our road trip amidst the Rockies. We flew in here, had a quick dinner & drove down to Banff. A two hour journey. From here on, we would drive amidst the Rockies everyday and stay overnight at the town we reached. This is the only way you can discover the majestic mountains.


The big, looming Rockies have an intense personality. They are almost like living being staring down upon us. If not for the incredible snow cover on the peaks, the Rockies are intimidating beings! Banff is a story book town with fir trees, serene lakes, crystal clear waters & snow capped peaks in October. In fact who ever plans to visit Canada, October is really the best time.

The Banff gondola is a must do, one of the longest cable car rides to the Sulphur Moutains, almost 8000 ft above sea level. The breathtaking panoramic views of the mountains leave you mesmerized. You can also play in the snow or have a hot chocolate in their cozy café.

Best part? The downtown of the city is glamorous, full of chateau style resorts, natty boutiques, high street shops & vibrant bars. Banff is a lovely holiday on its own; you can easily spend 4/5 days here.


The journey from Banff to jasper is the most scenic road trip I have undertaken in life. Its lake after lake of incredibly blue waters. Peak after peak of the first snow setting in and beautiful sun lit forests. One such place was Lake Alberta. A spot so beautiful that it seemed almost unreal. Every person there was awe struck. For the first 10 minutes, we were just silently trying to fathom the beauty of this gem. One of the places where you thank god for the gift of nature & for giving one an opportunity to experience it.

You can spot avid trekkers with their gear in the forest. There are designated spots from where the trekkers can start their tours. However some areas are off limits since polar bears in these areas. I ll let my photos do the talking here. Jasper itself is a hidden gem of a town. The temperature range here was 1 degree to -9 degree. That itself was a massive check on my bucket list.

Best part? Sipping on some red wine at a roof top bar at -3 degree celsius!


This sleepy little town takes you back in time. There are cute little bridges all over for a walk across the town. A beautiful park right next to a lake, where you can feed the duck & watch the sunset. The grounds are covered with golden maple leaves all across. Christmas cheer was already setting in here.

Best part? The streets downtown were lit in their best Christmas lighting.


A boutique resort town known for it incredible line up of winter sports & whimsical beauty. It’s all cobbled street with well manicured gardens and a backdrop of the vast Blackcomb Mountains. The town if filled with high end shopping & luxurious, chalet style hotels. White water rafting, biking & trekking are some popular activities to undertake while here.

The 2010 Winter Olympics happened here, since then it’s become one of the most popular tourist destinations of Canada. Also because of its easy accessibility from Vancouver. Which was going to be our final stop?
Best part? A trek to the hauntingly beautiful Brandywine waterfalls.


After a 2 hour picturesque journey form Whistler, we reached the bustling city of Vancouver. It’s a big city with the warmth of a small town. My top favorite city in the world now 🙂 . It has fashion, art, culture, shopping, food, green expanses…everything ideal for a perfect holiday. The massive factory outlets are a shopper’s paradise.

Infact far better than the famous outlets in Niagra. The 3D Over Canada show is a new attraction and completely worth a visit. It encapsulates the Canadian holiday perfectly.

Best part? The whimsical Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. I think all fairy tale books were written keeping this park in mind.


Capital of British Columbia, a day trip here packed punch than the entire trip. The Victorian architecture makes it a big spot for photo ops. The mild climate is favorable for a lot of outdoor activities. You see bikers all over the town. We went whale watching here. People who have done it know the adrenaline kick it can give.

Rushing in to the freezing cold Pacific Ocean at top speed, when the water splashes across your face is an experience like no other. We spotted 6 humpback whales in close proximity. It was chills down the spine yet joyous experience. Our group was so excited that our guide had to ask us to calm down as to not disturb the whales.

Best part? My first sea plane ride from Vancouver to Victoria. Shravan, like a true engineer, couldn’t get enough of the mechanisms of taking off & landing on water!

With this we ended one of our finest holidays together. Made a pact to revisit Canada in the coming years. However, next time with our Cuppycake 🙂 .


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