When I said I won’t tell anyone, that didn’t mean my sister!

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October 15, 2017
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December 3, 2017

A tongue in cheek statement, but unfortunately true. This blog was supposed to go up on my sister Palak’s birthday. However, got delayed. But better late than never.

There is a vast different between a sister-sister equation vis-à-vis a brother-sister equation. Women who have sisters will understand this emotion. Those who don’t…well, better luck next time :-).

Two sisters (or more) is a support system of deep trust & unfathomable magnitude. Sometimes, even stronger than the support system the parents provide to their child.

This is more prevalent in the cases when the kids are married and the parents tend to take a back seat. The sisters always step in. And how!

They become each other’s confidant, sounding board, advisors, criticizers & appreciators. All in one.

Sisters keep our hearts nurtured, heads high & feet firmly on the ground.

In the unfortunate case where there is loss of a parent, sisters are the ones who stand by each other like rocks. There is a massive shift in the dynamics. The bond becomes even stronger. I have seen it with my mother & my three Masis. And a few other girl friends.

The warm, fuzzy circle of love they form around each other is incredible. They fend for each other, love & respect each other. Most importantly, protect each other fiercely.

The children of one become the children of all others. Every child & their lives are discussed in detail. I am sure my mom & my Masis know the ins & outs of our lives. Be it studies, careers, fitness levels, friends, bad habits, married lives, strengths & problems. Although none of us kids are privy to the in-depth discussions that happen between them.

The comfort lies in the ease with which the sisters can discuss their kids as well as their parents. Most importantly parents. Siblings are the only ones with whom you can have a candid conversation about your folks. It’s with them that you just need to exchange a glance & have a full-blown conversation. No words required.

Personally speaking, I have understood this a lot better now that Palak & I are grown up. Of course, we still have silly fights & stupid arguments. But we have evolved and can agree to disagree.

From the schooldays in MGD, where a lot of us older sisters would shoo the younger ones away. To now, where every decision making is dependent on them. From the clothes to buy, to the guy to marry to naming one’s child. Sisters come first, always.

Rest assured, you will always get the right & the most prompt advice. Not just advice, but even the emotional & physical support that a sister provides is unparalleled.

The biggest support, however, is resuming work post baby. It’s only a sister who gives you the strength to look after yourself first, go back to work & help you manage home/work/baby.

Or go to the gym. Or take up your passion & not neglect yourself. Not give up on your dreams. They don’t let you put yourself on the back burner. Instead ask you to hustle & manage everything. They uplift you.

In my case, Palak offers all that & more. She is the family’s back bone plus goofy person, all in one.

The friends she has grown up with are her friends now, 20 years later. Kids want to party with her. Elders are always eager to chit-chat with her. The unconditional love that she showers everyone with is heartwarming. Her assertive & competent work skills are inspiring.

Fortunately for me, Palak has Anahita wrapped around her finger. She is literally her Masi’s tail. That’s the reason Shravan & I can take off on holidays without having to worry about her. I have a baby sitter for life :-).

On that note, I would remind you girls who have sisters to call yours up & take the juicy details of their lives. Share a laugh or two. And never forget to indulge, inspire & protect each other.


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