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September 24, 2017
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October 15, 2017

When I first moved to Bangalore, five years ago, I was amazed by the laid back charm of the city.

I genuinely feel people here are able to strike quite a balance between work & life.

Everyone works hard weekdays and indulges vehemently in their Friday drinks.

A lazy Saturday is followed by day long Sunday brunches.

Apart from the traffic woes, people are relaxed & have a happy go lucky attitude towards life.

Which is quite prevalent in the fashion choices as well.

The relaxed vibe dominates not just the wardrobe, but also dominates the home décor, makeup choices, night life deadline….so on & so forth.

Having said that, I have seen the fashion quotient go up in the past few years.

For the good, really!

While earlier I would spot 3 out of 10 men sporting chapplas, shorts & tee shirt in a pub. Now it’s come down to 1!

The chappals are replaced by natty loafers. A simple tee is replaced by a spiffy printed shirt.

Popular high street brands have entered the market with gusto.

Zara was definitely the game changer. It’s the go to brand for a lot of women like me.

Forever 21, H&M has made international fashion slightly more affordable.

Then there are the hidden gems of Commercial Street & Brigade road. Swanky, upbeat fashion from Thailand, Nepal & China.

Exhibitions are getting a lot of budding as well as established Indian designers to the city.

Mainly catering to the 30 years plus women. Who earn well & are ready to shell out the money for some exclusivity.

Not just high street, a certain section of the society also knows its luxury fashion really well.

They will invest in a luxurious bag or a pair of shoes. But that’s where “Bangalorean chic” comes into play.

The addition of a Louis Vuitton or a Ferragamo will be oh-so-subtle. Never taking away but only adding to the understated elegance of a Bangalorean.

Comfortable & tasteful block heels are preferred over stilettos. Or even a smart & trusty pair of wedges.

But never boring kitten heels.

Bangaloreans have an intrinsic sense of dignified style. Something I’m trying to imbibe.

However, since I have spent a good amount of time in Jaipur, Delhi & Bombay, I love a little flamboyant streak in my personal style ?.

So decoding Bangalorean chic here & sharing a list of 5 must haves in your wardrobe if you are a true-blue Bangalorean:

  • Well- fitted jeans: Bangaloreans love their jeans. I remember a friend mention during her pregnancy that how she is missing wearing her jeans! Dinner at a friend’s place, kids’ birthday party, pub hopping on Friday night…All you need is a well-fitted pair of jeans with a cutesy top
  • White shorts: Pool party, brunch at an upscale restaurant, music festival… white shorts are a popular choice. Wear it with a blazer to dress it up or a sequins top for a night out.
  • Printed Midi Dress: A tropical print Midi dress is a versatile outfit many Bangalorean women own. Lunch with the girls or date night with partner, it’s a no brainer this dress.
  • Silk Saree: Any auspicious occasion is incomplete without an exquisite silk saree. Most girls own one or end up borrowing from their mothers.
  • Nude shoes: I have seen girls of all ages & sizes wear all types of nude shoes….ballerinas, block heels, wedges and stilettos. Every woman has at least one type of nude shoes in their wardrobe.

I have put together a look incorporating all the elements of Bangalore chic…with a little bit of swag here & there ?.


Photos: Pixography.vintej

Dress: Aarti Vijay Gupta Couture

Shoes: Ferragamo

Sunglasses : Prada

Bag: Gucci 

Earrings: Commercial Street

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