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September 9, 2017
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September 17, 2017
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The nostalgia that I am going through right now, I felt it was important to share another dimension of motherhood.

The skin.

My skin was radiant & hair was luscious while pregnant.

Once I stopped breast feeding, the hormonal shift in the body was intense.

That beautiful glow was slowly fading away. In fact I developed slight dark patches around my temples.

I finally decided to pay a visit Kosmoderma.

A top rated medical centre dedicated to medical excellence in the field of Dermatology, both Cosmetic and General with international accreditations and facilities.

I had a thorough consultation with their doctor & decided to go in for a medi facial.

What does a medi facial involve?


Kosmocare cleanser is used to remove make-up, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other types of pollutants from the skin of the face. This helps to unclog pores and product penetration.

Jet Peel: Jet peel helps to infuse hydration into the skin that revives and replenishes the skin cells. A treatment solution is poured into the machine and the mist is forced into the top layer of the skin that leaves the skin brighter & radiant.

Glycolic Peel & Neutralisation: Glycolic Peel is used for acne prone skin, pigmented/uneven skin tone. Neutralization is done to bring back the pH balance of the skin.

Exfoliation: Shed that layer of dead cells by exfoliating and buffing the skin with Micro-derm abrasion. It is a great way to achieve bright, smooth & radiant skin. The exfolients are mild.

Steam: It loosens up the pores. It also prepares the skin for extraction. It also helps in product penetration.

Extraction: Extraction (Deep Pore Cleansing) is the removal of deeply imbedded clogged oils by a trained professional under strict hygienic circumstances. It’s one of the most important steps of a MediFacial. It helps keep acne at bay.

Massage: The clear, sappy substance hidden within in Aloe Vera’s long, thick leaves is the magic potion for massage. Aloe Vera plant contains numerous antioxidants, as well as anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. Massage relaxes, increases blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, softens fine lines, wrinkles, hydrates, softens skin, drains fluid from tissue.

Kosmodmerma SkinBriteMask: Its finishing mask for this treatment with active brightening agents like Niacinamide, vitamin C,E and papaya extracts that help reduce everyday tan and damage.

Sunscreen: MediFacials always end with sunscreen application.

The facial left my face all supple & glowing.

The pigmentation has faded remarkably. After one session!

Not just facials, they have an array of services for mothers-to-be & new moms.

These services will help in taking care of a woman’s skin, hair & body as it goes through the journey of pre and post-delivery.

A specially researched line of Organic products for mothers to be for preventing stretch marks and skin toning has been developed to compliment their experience.

Services Pre-delivery:

  • Skin & Hair treatments for Acne, Pigmentation, Hair fall, Stretch mark prevention
  • Safe MediFacials for that constant glow on the face during and post pregnancy

Services Post-delivery:

  • Non-Surgical body shaping
  • Surgical body shaping
  • Stretch Mark therapy with fx RF
  • Breast Reduction / Enhancement
  • Vaginoplasty
  • Mommy Make over: Once your family planning is completed, you can take care of yourself in one total customized programme at Kosmoderma.

While it’s difficult to take time out for yourself in the initial few mother of motherhood, but when you do, prioritize your needs.

Skin care & body care is truly an investment. One which shouldn’t be neglected till it’s too late.


Locations: Kosmorderma

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