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August 27, 2017
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September 9, 2017

First of all HATS OFF to all the mothers who get a proper work out done at home, with correct postures et al.

With the constant attention a baby demands, it really is an accomplishment.

Although I had a normal delivery, I still felt that complete healing took three months.

However it differs from person to person. Your gynecologist/obstetrician is the right person to guide you.

Since weight/ inch loss is a function of both food & exercise, breaking this blog into two.


  • Post delivery 4th month – 11th month: Yoga. 45 minutes, 4 days a week (with quite a few travel breaks)
  • 11th month – 16th month: Functional training at the apartment gym. 40 minutes, 4 days a week
  • 16th month – 18th month: Break
  • 18th Month onwards: HIIT & strength training at a professional gym. 50 minutes, 4 days a week

Yoga was my go to exercise when I restarted. I have been practicing it for a good 10 years now.

Hence, it was easy to get back to. But I took time to develop the stamina.

It helped me get rid of the niggling back ache I had developed during pregnancy.

This was followed by 6/7 months of functional training at the home gym. This was nothing hard core. Medium intensity work outs.

However, since the past 5 months I have managed to hit the gym regularly.

Exercise helped me tremendously in toning, blood circulation & keeping the body agile.

However, there was no weight loss or inch loss as I was eating three big meals with two big snacks & a dessert every day 😛 .


Food is the main component to be considered, if inch loss/weight loss is your goal.

I recommend the guidance of a professional nutritionist here.

However, below are my personal diet rules. They tend to work for me & showed results post pregnancy:

  • Change my diet entirely
  • If the diet is healthy, cut portion size
  • If above two are not working, introduce some food elements to instigate the inch loss/weight loss process
  • If all of the above are not working, be quiet & sit, I am my ideal size/weight 😀

I was eating extremely healthy during & post pregnancy. My only vice was the sweet indulgence.

I can’t have one small piece of dark chocolate every day. I rather have one full chocolate pastry on my cheat day. So I had to cut down on sugar completely.

Once I took the above step, I did portion control.

From 3 chapattis in lunch, I went down to two. Likewise for dinner.

Finally I consulted a nutritionist when Anahita was 1. The major change she did was inclusion of a high protein dinner. Everything else remained pretty much the same.

Two cheat days every week.

This ultimately helped me to lose the last few kilos.

Result: Pre-preggers wardrobe is back to use. Maternity wardrobe is packed & dumped in the loft!

Re-emphasizing on the fact that it’s everyone’s personal journey. Undertake it when you feel you are ready.

The goal should be to feel healthy & energetic rather than adhere to a certain societal norm.


On Anahita

T shirt: H&M

Tights: Marks & Spencer

On Me

Top & Tights: Hummel

Shoes: Nike



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