My Love Affair With The Saree

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August 6, 2017
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August 13, 2017
“She wore a Saree for the first time. He tripped.”

Although, no one tripped in my case. Only I fell in love with the six yards of a saree, 15 years ago.

My love affair literally started, when I first wore a saree in the 11th grade. It was to bid farewell to our seniors in school. Little did I know that it will become my most favorite formal outfits of all times.

Also what hugely influenced me was studying at the Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ School in Jaipur.

We would see the charismatic Rajmata almost every other week, in her lovely chiffon sarees & classic pearl string. Her elegant yet powerful persona left a lasting impression on many of us girls.

I will not hesitate in saying that I haven’t seen anyone carry a saree with so much ease & grace as a “MGDian” does.

Chiffon sarees became everyone’s favorite. From vibrant Leheriya to ethereal ombre to soft florals, the choices were endless.

Before every important occasion, I would raid my mother’s closet to find a “girly” saree. Drape it with her help & feel like a total diva! The same continued in college. Although the opportunities were far lesser.

When my MBA started, I again wore a chiffon saree for the fresher’s party. Winning the title was a cherry on the cake! Small pleasures 🙂.

However during the time of the course, I needed something more formal & sturdy for the various presentations & group discussions.

Time had come to raid my Masi’s closet, who lived close by & was also my local guardian.

That’s when I discovered Crepe. Next 2 years, every important moment in my MBA, was marked by a saree borrowed from her. Including my first job interview with the Taj Group Of Hotels.

Wearing a saree truly gave me a surge of confidence. That along with the preparation I did, helped me crack the interview.

Needless to say, the first paycheck was used to buy a lovely turquoise crepe saree. A gift to my Masi 🙂.

The strangest part is that in all these years, I didn’t own a single Saree of my own. They were all borrowed from my mother or my aunts. That’s the reason I have such vivid memories of wearing them. I associate each memory with someone or the other.

It was my engagement with Shravan, 6 years ago, when I finally bought my first saree. Exquisitely embroidered & in a myriad of bright colors, a Nidhi Tholia Gotta- Patti. A treasured possession.

And it’s been no looking back ever since. They have become a staple in my wardrobe now.

My wedding trousseau comprised of some eclectic sarees I chose over a period of 6 months. Lakhnavi Chikankari, Benarasi silk, Traditional Bandhani, Calcutta pearl work, one of each type.

Over the years I have managed to add quite a few beautiful ones to this collection. The sheer variety our country has to offer leaves me amazed.

I hope that one day; Anahita will raid my saree closet & find a gorgeous one to start her love affair with the saree 🙂.


Bengali Byloom Cotton Saree: Taneira

Silver necklace, earrings & bracelets: Jaipur Street shopping


  1. Dekyi Chawla says:

    Mehak: I love how you have chronicled your romance with the 6 yards of beauty so well…needless to state that you look resplendent in a saree!

  2. Aashna Mehra says:

    This one’s started to get me excited about sarees.. Cant wait to try one now 🙂

  3. shubha says:

    Lovely account of falling in love with 6 yards I share similar love and stories nice to read your chronicle about it
    Stunning saree and you look resplendant Mehek! Way to go!

  4. Anshu says:

    For a girl, the first saree that is worn is always from ‘mom’s wardrobe’. I mean that is the biggest turning point, which makes you fall in love with this beautiful one-piece dress material.

  5. Shobhana says:

    Sarees are just perfect for any occasion. If you have few of them in your closet, you are just ready to go anywhere you want. Parties, festivities, meetings and many other such occasions- saree fit in all of them!

  6. Mydesiwear says:

    Very Unique and interesting post! Due to its beautiful design. you looks awesome in sarees. Loved it.

  7. Mehak says:

    Thats very true Shobhana! It’s suits every occasion beautifully. You can never go wrong with a saree.

  8. WoW! Beautiful looking saree..

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