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August 1, 2017
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First things first, what’s a millennial?

It’s the generation of people born between the years 1981 – 2001. The ones who grew alongside technology. We remember the times before social media.

But, we also jumped on the online bandwagon with ease & panache. The latest entrant to the millennial club is the color Pink.  The color of the season for Spring – Summer 2017.

How do you define the shade? Well, according to The Guardian, “It’s sort of a grapefruit shade of apricot salmon” :-). More precisely, it’s a cross between beige & pink. The result is a soothing, calming yet happy color.

Moving on to another huge term of this era, The Millennial Mom. A set of moms who have the best of both worlds. Their parent’s wisdom & the huge advancement of technology. These mothers are using both the aspects in bringing up their kids.

I am a millennial Mom and proud to be one. Cuppycake has changed my life, only for the better.

Although, there are a few commandments that I live by since I became a mother, 1.5 years ago. They have helped me immensely & you might relate to a few as well:

To not compare myself to other parents

Every parent does the best for their child. It’s the law of nature.  However, it’s our own personal journey. We have the right to experience its ups & downs. Learn from them & improvise. I am not better than you. And no one can look down upon my parenting style.

I will always strive to be the best mother I can be. And I know all mothers (& fathers) do. We have the right to evolve as a parent. To develop our own parenting ideologies along the way.

To not lose my sense of self

Career is what keeps you going?  Find a support system; get back to your job
Exercise is what makes you happy? Hire a baby sitter, hit the gym
Want to learn music at age 40? Download an app, call a tutor home and start learning
Cooking is your passion? Start a home catering venture
Fashion is your passion? Start a blog :-)

It is so easy to forget your identity once you become a mother & so tough to regain it back when the kids are older. So girls, don’t lose your sense of self in this extraordinary journey of motherhood. Embrace it & make it your own.

Reconnect with your better half

Take time out for your partner. I know it’s easier said than done. BUT TRY YOUR BEST.
Plan dates. Plan movie nights. Or even a cup of tea early in the morning, just the two of you. Whatever works best in your situation!

 The point is to have an uninterrupted conversation with your significant other. To keep that spark alive. Don’t forget, you were husband & wife before you became parents.

Take time out for your girlfriends

There is nothing more refreshing than a hearty laughter session with the girls. Be it a catching up session on the phone with a school friend. Or a night out with my Bangalore girls. It’s like a rejuvenating spa for my mental health.

 I love my girlfriends. They add the zing to my life.

To have a solid group of Mama Friends

Those play dates are not just good for the little ones, but also essential for mamas. From the best diaper for your child to the best school to consider, you will always get the right information.

In the initial months of mommy hood, I have received some golden pieces of advice even at 3 in the morning. All thanks to fellow Mamas.

So, find young mamas & meet often. Help & uplift each other. Guide each other. It’s a support system like no other.

Finally, some days are tough, some are easy. But what you have is your child’s sloppy kisses & squishy hugs. So, don’t forget to have fun. Ultimately, a happy mama = a happy baby

So wear that millennial pink & be the boss millennial mom that you are!


PS: Baby carrying + Linen skirt = an unkempt, wrinkly outfit

On Anahita:
Dress: Mothercare
Shoes: Zara
Pom pom clips: H&M

On Me:
Top: H&M
Skirt: Naf Naf
Shoes: Code By Lifestyle
String: H & M
Bracelet: Peora


  1. Rasad says:

    A great piece! To keep you alive with your plans and goals while at the same time trying to become a great mom is indeed difficult. Very beautifully said, every mom tries to nurture their child in the best possible way. And it is a learning process throughout!

  2. Kunal says:

    The best a mom can do is, try to teach the child the difference between good and bad. The child learns only what he or she wants to learn. So, without drawing any line of comparison, the effort should be given in raising the kid in the best possible way.

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