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July 25, 2017
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August 6, 2017

The two trends I am in love with this season are: the statement sleeve and vibrant thread embroidery.

And both these trends come together beautifully in this navy midi dress I laid my hands on. It’s by the brand Loom Tree, which is an online exclusive label.

They have an Indian aesthetic with an artsy, bohemian vibe.

The label is currently on sale. You might want to take a look!

There are days when I don’t want to wear a very fitted or structured dress yet look my best.

This dress comes to the rescue then!

The length is sophisticated yet playful. I can attend a formal meeting. Pair it with comfy white sneakers and do a mall crawl with friends.

Or attend a kiddie birthday party with Anahita, without having to pull down on my dress constantly.

It suits every situation effortlessly.

There is something so romantic and whimsical about embroidery. Like a lovely wild flower. The deep red color of the threads, bring out the best of this breezy silhouette.

The billowy sleeves add a vintage charm to the whole look.

When it comes to stilettos, 3 inches is the heel height I have come to favor in the last two years. Just less chances of tripping while carrying the cuppycake🙂.

Emerging Indian labels have my heart right now. A lot of them are environment conscious labels, promoting Indian crafts & workmanship.

Although a lot of them are online exclusive brands.

If you are not an online shopper, please go meet an expectant mother or a new mother. You will be converted into an online-shopping loyalist in no time, with parcels coming at your doorstep every next day.

Words from an “always running behind the toddler yet loves to shop” mother🙂!



  1. Vasundhara Jhunjhunwala says:

    Love the word play Mehek. ?
    I am.totally tempted to shop again now. Great going. Enjoy above all else.

  2. ashima dang says:

    Love the way you summarised a true woman.. running behind a toddler and shopping are both essentials for a woman . Running in style always helps.!!!!

  3. Ankita Grover Mahna says:

    Looking lovely mehak 🙂
    The stuff on this website is amazing! Very refreshing and classy !

  4. Priti Jindal says:

    Very chic and classy! Love the details of each post.

  5. Pearl says:

    Lovely! Fun, informative read. However, where’s cuppycake in this post ?

  6. Ramky says:

    Beautiful choice! The elegant and intricate works on the dresses are simply mind-blowing. And the shade of blue creates the real spark. Well, beautifully penned down as well!

  7. suraj kumar says:

    very nice and I am Looking forward to see you more on your Blog.

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