Sunshine Yellow Dress

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July 24, 2017
You Belong Among The Wild Flowers
August 1, 2017
“How wonderful Yellow is. It stands for the Sun.”

Vincent Van Gogh

Although not one for such bright hued dresses, I was pleasantly surprised with the final outcome, when I wore this outfit for a “Red Carpet” themed party some time ago.

When I went to my friend’s boutique store (5 days before the event :P), I had a “Mustardy” yellow in mind. But she convinced me to not go with the conventional color choice, instead with this vibrant shade of yellow.

And boy, was she right!

I felt all glamorous & dolled up for the fun evening yet comfortable enough to dance the night away. The pop of color was enough to keep the hair & makeup, understated.

I borrowed these exquisite emerald & diamond earrings from my sister and plan to wear them 10000073373 times before I return them (girls who have sisters understand this sentiment very well).

Also plan to wear the dress very soon for a family wedding albeit with different accessories. Maybe with a diamond polki choker for an “indo-western”  &  “weddingy” vibe.

A dance party calls for the most comfortable pair of shoes. Having said that, I DO love my heels!  I think they really add to the style quotient of an outfit & make you feel statuesque, instantly.

I wore these sleek Topshop sandals with a metal block heel. Stylish yet not the “need a foot massage the next morning” variety.

Sometimes it’s good to break stereotypes. To have a fresh perspective on fashion & on life.

To choose a yellow over a black for a formal do. Or wear a black on black outfit during the day.

Or even a little white dress for an evening cocktail party.

Why follow fashion rules? Why not make your own?

Why not carry everything with sass, aplomb & big smile plastered across your face :-)


  1. Sam says:


  2. Shruti says:

    Wow ! Lovely reads Mehak ! All the very best

  3. palak says:

    absolutely love the color of the dress and your look!

  4. neha says:

    very well written! waiting for the next post 🙂

  5. Dekyi Chawla says:

    Love your flow of words Mehak – as if you are talking to me over a cuppa tea with scones! Yeah, feel good factor indeed!

  6. Rasad Merchant says:

    Gorgeous look! In love with this vibrant color! Great choice of dress, simple and elegant! Never thought yellow could look that great!

  7. Monika says:

    This dress could very beautifully bring out a splendid look on you. Must say great collections you have in your wardrobe. Loved your reads as well!

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